Benefit from our expertise, save money and broaden your client base

Our reseller programme is aimed at web and IT professionals who are passionate about what they do. As xervers resellers, we offer you all the tools you need to develop your activities and ensure top-of-the-line services for your clients in the long term.

Unbranded Control Panel

All our control panels are unbranded and ready for you to customize them and make them at your own image.


To guarantee maximum security, an anti-DDoS system is included with all services we provide. This ensures the continuity in the event of an attack.

Make your own packages

With our services, you define your own packages from a wide palette of features.

Upgrade/Downgrade when necessary

You need more resources? No problem! Just Upgrade your service. Don't need so much? Just Downgrade it... You are in control of your costs.

Low Latency

Our services are powered by several networks. So the traffic will always take the shortests paths. This makes the service quicker and faster.

National Web Hosting

We own our datacenter. With connexions to more than 70 networks worldwide to get the lowest latency possible for you.

Friendly Support

Our team and our knowledge is available to help you on anything you may ask.

We grow with you

If you're successfull, we are successfull. A good commitment is the key for a successfull business.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Because there is always a doubt about something...

What control panels do you use?

That will depend of the service you are subscribing. If you subscribe a web hosting package, you will have access to a DirectAdmin control panel. If you subscribe a virtualization service, the control panel will be Virtualizor. Or if, instead, you subscribe a game or teamspeak server, the control panel will be TCAdmin. We only work with the cream of the widely known control panels.

Can I really customize the panel?

Yes. You can customize it as you want. Change colors, dispositions, upload your logo. When your client logins into the control panel he will see your brand and colors everywhere.

I am free to create my own packages without limitation?

The only limitation is the features you subscribed. You can create packages with a max limit of your subscribed service.

What other benefits do I have if I use your services?

When you become our reseller, you will benefit from our reseller program. This means that you will have a discount based on the total service value you have subscribed. Contact our commercial team to get more information about this program.