Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why can not I downgrade a VPS KVM?
    Although it is possible to downgrade most of the physical resources of a VPS KVM, disk space is not technically possible to be reduced.
  • I lost my root password, how do I change it?
    The root password can be changed from our client area. However, it is necessary to re-start the VPS so that the password is applied.
  • Can I install the Windows operating system on my VPS?
    Yes, you can install one of the versions of windows in your VPS. However, the system licensing is up to you. Our system only installs a demo version of 30 days (or 180 depending on the version).
  • I would like to install an operating system that is not available in your list. It's possible?
    Yes. In our panel you have an option where you can load an ISO file. After this is loaded, you only have to change the boot order for the VPS to start with ISO. However, all system configurations must be made by you through VNC.
  • Where are your VPS servers located?
    Our servers are located in Viseu, Portugal.
  • My latency does not match a Portuguese location. Because?
    Like all our services, our connections are protected by Voxility systems located in the Netherlands. Most of the current Portuguese connections travel to the Netherlands and return protected. This causes the latency to increase (the average is around 55ms). However, some MEO networks already have national latency (8ms). This scenario may however change very soon.

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